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Who is Ashley Ross & Coach Learning Solutions?

Ashley Ross has been professionally involved in coaching for 35 years, working in and with many countries and across sports. He has coached athletes from grass roots to World Championship winning teams (2000 NZ Cricket Black Caps ICC Knock Out Trophy in Kenya) and across genders (1997 World Champion Australian Women’s Cricket team) and across Sports, (coaching adviser to NZ Bowls Team, World Champions, Christchurch 2008)

As South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) Coach Development Lead (the first and at the time only one in the NIN network) Ashley built the HP Coach Development system and structures from the ground up and delivered this world recognised, bespoke HP coach development program to Olympic facing coaches and those working in pathway programs. The independent report commissioned by SASI into the impact of this role on its coaches was glowing in its findings.

Ashley has completed and been accredited as an Advanced Coach Developer by the world renowned Nippon Sports Science University / International Council for Coaching Excellence Nippon Coach Developer Academy (NCDA). Delivering Coach Developer training programs for the internationally renowned NCDA, Ashley is one of only a few people in the world qualified by the ICCE to train Coach Developers. He continues to develop international Coaches and Coach Developers across the globe across many sports.

Ashley is sort after as an international presenter and consultant having been a member of HP Sport NZ’s “World Class Coaching Working Group” and presented to NZ Elite Rugby Coaches for NZ Rugby on “World Class Coaching”, the ICCE International Symposium in Japan 2017 on “Coaching From an International Perspective” and the 13th ICCE Global Coaching Conference in Portugal this year.

In his own business, Coach Learning Solutions, Ashley now works delivering services directly to HP and Pathway coaches, training Coach Developers within organisations, complete Coach Development system builds for organisations and curates Coach Learning and Development Communities to create coach development through self-directed, informal, and social environments.

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